Collection: Kota Doria from Rajasthan

Kota Doria also known as Kota Doriya is a type of cotton fabric made in Kota, Rajasthan in handloom and powerloom. 

Kota Doria is traditionally woven in pit loom to produce checks design on the fabric which are popularly known as khats. 

The skill originated back in the 17th century where a lot of weavers from Mysore were brought to a place called as Kaithun by Prince.of Kota Rao Kishore Singh. 

The art of making Kota Doria is done by smearing onion juice and rice paste into the yarn strongly to make it a finished item.

The Kits Doria fabric was worn as dhotis by the royals and later on got converted into sarees , lehengas, dress materials. Sarees being the most prominent and popular item.

In current market trends the kota Doria fabric is tried on traditional styles with use of embroidery , zari, block print, bandhani, tie and dye.styles etc by designers to make masterpieces in men and women clothing.


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