Gharchola/Ghatchola-The Gujarati/Marwari Way

Gharchola or Ghatchola Gharcholu from Gujarat and Rajasthanis a traditional outfit worn by women during wedding and especially  by newly wed  is woven on Cotton or Silk fabric in large checks of using Silk and Zari threads. The checks areusually left blank or are filled with designs of small bandhej prints or any other motifs.

The word gharchola is derived from 2 words Ghar which means home and  chola means costume and is usually considered for gift to a bride and as blessings from Mother in law.

The origin of gharchola was in Khambat region of Gujarat and is made in Jamnagar and parts of Rajasthan like sikar, swaroopganj.

Gharchola is made using large wooden frames which are set as per the designs and fabric to be made like saree or dupatta or dress material or even lehengas.  Then the work of tying and dying is done along with motifs 

The fabric is usually available in cotton , art silk, banarsi silk and is designed on Indian fashion clothing like sarees, dupatta, lehenga, scarfs, dress materials. 

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