Organic Cotton: A movement towards sustainable clothing

As the word says cotton that is grown organically without the use of artificial/synthetic pesticides through non-genetically modified plants.

The cultivation of organic cotton started in India, China, Turkey and the USA.

The organic cotton grown needs to be necessarily certified by organic labels by the govt. of the country.

Organic Cotton cultivation in India started in the year of 2002. The need for a sustainable and eco-friendly environment has cropped up the need of organically produced cotton.

Currently organic cotton is grown in states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Orissa and Gujarat.

Our organic cotton fabrics and sarees are made in Kutch region of Gujarat with our weavers who are a large community with each person doing one or the other type of weaving. They use natural colors and the dying process  for color codes with the base of the fabric is mostly in white. 

On an average the fabric takes 7-10 days to be weaved and is made on order basis as well.

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