Gota Work of Rajasthan

A style of Indian Embroidery where the gota that is usually made of ribbon into various styles are attached to a cloth using applique technique.

The art originated in the states of Rajasthan where the lace or ribbon was originally made from silver and gold metal tar or strip.

This was then eventually replaced with copper coated with silver and gold covering.

The nature of these metal gota is bound to wear and tear and corrode due to weather and then was further replaced by polyester.

Gota is presently made in various artworks like pipings, laces, bootis etc which are inspired by nature like flowers, leaves etc.


The art of making gota is very intrinsic where the designs are cut on tracing papers and are then further applied on gota to make a shape. 

The process of making gota is time consuming.

The art work is an inbound cultural heritage of Rajasthan and is worn by every household on occasions, festivals etc and is usually applied on all styles of bandhani, lehariya, kota Doria and other plain fabrics like georgette and chiffon.

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