Single Bed Jaipuri Rajai/Blanket/ Jaipuri Quilt

Single Bed Jaipuri Rajai/Blanket/ Jaipuri Quilt

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These Exclusive and very famous Jaipuri Rajai is made in the state of Rajasthan using mulmul fabric on print of handblocks and reverse side plain cotton fabric to pack. The quilt is filled with half a kilogram of cotton and is packed with threads using needles on all sides and even in between of the quilt to give it firmness.


Size of the Quilt: 60*90(Single Bed)

Perfect for Light Winters and carry around in travel.

The product is advised to  be dry cleaned only or put in sun for atleast 6 hours to ensure the freshness of the fabric and cotton is maintianed.

Easy to stack. 

Store in a dry cool place.